An Important Measure of Performance – Product Recalls

Vehicle Recall Notified to NHTSA 1966-2011

US Vehicle Recalls and Sales

The BBC correspondent Brian Hanrahan became famous during the Falklands war when he counted the number Harrier Jump jets taking off and returning to the British aircraft carriers.  But data published by the National Highway Transport Authority (NHTSA) shows that the vehicle manufacturers are now recalling more vehicles in the USA than they are selling.

The data downloaded from the NHTSA website has been analysed to compare the number of vehicles recalled due to ‘vehicle defects’ with vehicle sales since, to calculate the ‘Recall Ratio’  as an measure of industry performance.

The data shows the ‘average car’ sold in the US market will be recalled at least once to correct a safety defect. But perhaps the most worrying conclusion for car manufacturers. is the long term trend of increasingly frequent product recalls. It is not clear if the rising trend in the number of recalls reflects a cultural change as consumers have become unwilling to accept ‘dodgy products’, or is a bye-product of increasing complexity in vehicle design. Although the data shows that recalls are not limited to the more complex high-tech systems

So,if you need training and support to understand product liability and develop a cost effective quality management system please visit the  Stunell Technology  website  where you will be able to download a brief report based on the NHTSA data.

(Although similar recall data for the UK and European markets is not published, UK motorists can use the VOSA website to find details of any recalls for a particular vehicle model.)


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2 Responses to An Important Measure of Performance – Product Recalls

  1. I think consumers and manufacturer are both more safety conscious (which is a good thing).As far as recalls manufacturers have to implement more resources in risk analyses and risk management. This will for sure be the only cost effective way in the future. Your blog is very much in the line of where the industry is heading towards.
    Thanks for thought provoking blog.

  2. Phil Stunell says:

    Muhammad, you can download a brief presentation of our findings from the Stunell Technology website using this link
    Thanks for your comment

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